We have planned to start up 300 department stores in Shopping Mall, out let shops and online market around India. It is great opportunity to introduce your products to the customers of whole seller and retailers.

We are importing your products or give rights to manufacture same products in India. It is secure and simple way to reach your products to the market and earn money with one business contract. Please contact us to know your product and will assist with you to promote through this network.

Selling on Shopping Mall is a program that enables merchants to sell their products and inventory on the Business Centre platform. You sell it, ship it or store your products and we pack, ship, and provide customer service.

  • High income, predisposed consumers
  • National reach
  • Enhanced visibility to a new range of consumers
  • Opportunities to Cross Sell & Up Sell
  • Your products eligible for premium shipping and free shipping over threshold
  • Sales lift from FBA trust & branding*
  • Storage, Picking, Packing & Shipping
  • Guaranteed delivery & trackable courier**
  • Trusted customer service and returns
  • No extra charges for customers
  • Insured shipment
  • High quality packing material

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