Business Centre communicates information about the business to develop individuals and companies around the world. Access the Business Centre with different products of companies. It is structured to encourage the early growth of your ideas.

Providing multipurpose Centre for Business purpose a supportive and collaborative environment, we support great ideas and CENTRE will be behind them to make an impact at the heart of their work.

We provide a sociable, supportive, working environment where you can become a part of the community, where the backgrounds and companies are diverse but everyone is aiming to make a positive impact.

Business Centre provides a wide range of workspace to suit any event. Service offices, workshops, conference Halls and drop in space to allow for easy and flexible movement for your business.

If you have an idea for a business and need help and training to get it off the ground then you could apply to take part in our consultant that will help your ideas get off the ground with a viable business plan and investment.

Communication provides professional secretarial support of internet WiFi, printing, scanner and Copier. We have kitchen in every Centre to make food or order coffee.

We are providing three level training for business women, how to manage their responsibilities in the respective areas. This study will help them to strengthen their business through the group study system in the Christian Communication Centre or log in online to study the materials.

We have week end business meetings for business men and women at the Christian Communication Centre. Please contact your respective centers for the further details.

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